Website Migration & Redesign

Website Migration & Redesign

Changing a website’s technology, structure, design or location in order to improve its online visibility is called Web Site Migration. A Web Site migration implies a great deal of change. You should have a really good reason for taking on this process. 

The migration of your website is a tedious task. It requires a lot of patience and time, which can sometimes be hard to manage.  An experienced technician will simplify your work. Besides website development, Pride also offers migration services. Migrating a large website within a few hours and improving the design of an existing website is something our team is capable of doing

Some of the most common reasons to migrate a website include:

website migration & Redesign

⦿ Structure, navigation or design changes:

When your old website design needs a refresh. Perhaps the structure and navigation of your site scare crawlers away.

⦿ Making your site mobile-friendly:

Make your site mobile-friendly for visitors on tablets and cellphones. mobile friendly for website is very important for any website and its one of the core point for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

⦿ Switching from HTTP to HTTPS:

No one wants to visit a website that warns them it’s unsafe to browse. Encrypting visitors information and avoiding scary notices are two benefits of switching from HTTP to HTTPS.


⦿ Change of server:

A new host might speed up your website overall, especially if it is growing. website Visitors and search engines alike appreciate a fast-loading site.

⦿ A change in domain name:

Perhaps you’re rebranding. A website migration is necessary when changing a domain name and our expert website professionals are very talented in this website migration

⦿ Changing your framework or CMS

Changing your framework or CMS can improve the performance, security or even functionality of your website.