Social Media Marketing SMM:-

Social Media Marketing SMM involves promoting products and services through Social Media platforms and Websites. The terms e-marketing and Digital Marketing still dominate academia, but Social Media Marketing is becoming increasingly popular among practitioners and researchers.

Using Social Media Marketing, You Build Brand Awareness & Recognition, Generate Conversations around Your Brand, Understand the interests of your Target Customers, Create Platforms to Share your Brand’s Story, Gather Information about your Audience and Provide Responsive Customer Service to them.

social media marketing SMM

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing:-

  • Creates conversation around your brand.
  • Provides insight into your target customers’ interests.
  • Creating platforms to share your brand’s story.
  • Gathers information about your audience.
  • Ensures responsive customer service.
  • Enhances customer loyalty.
  • Increases website traffic.
  •  It’s a cost-effective solution.

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