Brand new try provided kids from 20 various other junior highest-schools on voivodeship Podlaskie


In response to generally meet the necessity for a quick way of measuring resilience, a gloss form of the newest RS-14, which could getting psychometrically confirmed and you can all over diverse communities, it absolutely was vital that you glance at this new measure’s main inclinations, interior feel and you may grounds build along side around three picked subgroups plus this new intercourse and you can chronilogical age of kids, young adults, and the ones which have special requires. “I hypothesized you to for all about three examples, a single-factor model would-be offered and that results could well be highly reputable as reviewed because of the antique interpretive standards” (Aiena mais aussi al., 2015).

Users and you can Process

Analyses had been centered on three head samples, you to comprised of teens for the period of 13–17, another on it young people in the years 19–twenty-seven, plus the 3rd integrated people from inside the age of thirteen-18 having adaptive psychosocial problems who were from inside the infant custody regarding academic, healing otherwise correctional institutions. The complete shot incorporated dos,715 teenagers out of about three additional groups contained in this Poland, old off 13 to twenty seven (M = , SD = step 3.90), predominately women (%).

Sample 1-adolescents (N = 400). The sample was with age ranging from 13 to 17 years old (M = , SD = 0.86) predominately female (58.3%). Sample 2-early adulthood (N = 1659). Data were also gathered at a medium-sized university located in northeast Poland. Overall, we had results from students aged 19–27 years old (M = , SD = 1.82) predominately female (82.3%). Sample 3-problem group (N = 656). The sample consisted of three groups: socially maladjusted juveniles from probation centers was (N = 116) with age ranging from 13 to 17 years old (M = , SD = 1.48) predominately male (75.0%), adolescents with psycho-social impairments attending (staying) in Youth Sociotherapy Centers (N = 293, aged 13–18 years old, M = , SD = 1.22) and adolescents externalizing educational difficulties (Youth Educational Centers, N = 247, with age ranging from 13 to 18 years old (M = , SD = 0.98). The selection of the third study sample was purposive due to the specifics of the facilities to which the studied individuals were admitted. The main criterion for including respondents to sample 3 was the occurrence of emotional and behavioral disorders. A comparative analysis using ANOVA did not confirm differences between problem groups (youth from probation centers, educational centers and sociotherapy centers) in terms of the RS-14 index [F(2, 653) = 2.63; p > 0.05].

Sociotherapeutic and you can academic locations are establishment outside the place of house, and therefore form around the clock. Inside Poland there are already more than step three,000 youth aged thirteen–18 that are residing in such as for example Youth Sociotherapy Centers as well as 4,100000 who will be staying in Young people Educational Centers. Youthfulness Sociotherapy Centers are designed for adolescents which, on account of developmental conditions, reading problems, and you may problems in the societal functioning, reaches likelihood of public maladjustment and need yet another providers away from studying, ways of really works, degree and you will sociotherapy. Currently, you will find 74 inside Poland. Youngsters Informative Centers are designed for socially maladjusted youthfulness who are in need of the aid of another type of providers out-of reading, ways of really works and you can education. Already, there are 96 in Poland. An effective Probation Center was 1 day-care facility that give protection, care, knowledge, rehabilitation, and healing situations. Those activities performed in the centre is geared towards altering juvenile thinking to your the fresh new socially prominent, making sure the optimal growth of their identity. Probation facilities perform within the section process of law. Currently, you can find 97 for the Poland. At the present time, ~step one,000 juveniles was basically regarded like institution.

Data-Analytic Strategy

Psychometric functions of your RS-14 mennation nedir was basically assessed playing with univariate and bivariate analyses used towards the statistical application IBM SPSS Analytics and IBM AMOS. This new Cronbach Leader coefficient was used so you’re able to characterize coherence (measurement away from precision). In the example of go out balance review, Pearson’s roentgen relationship studies therefore the t try getting founded trials were utilized. Principal component investigation was utilized to verify the newest solitary foundation design out-of RS-fourteen stated from the Wagnild and you may More youthful (1993). Exploratory and you will confirmatory factor-analytical tips was basically used to measure the foundation structure of your own scale. The brand new basis reliability was analyzed having fun with EFA (chief component means, oblimin rotation) and you will CFA (IBM AMOS, ML means). The latest habits regarding EFA have been checked-out for an adequate match utilizing the after the match spiders: chi-rectangular and you will degrees of liberty, RMSEA along with 90% rely on period (CI); (Steiger, 1990) SRMR, the newest Tucker–Lewis Directory (TLI); (Tucker and you will Lewis, 1973), CFI; and you can GFI (Hu and Bentler, 1999).

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